Yannick Schröder

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Yannick Schröder is a german Stuntman,Actor and Model.


Yannick Schröder is born at the 19th of March in Pedro Velho, Brazil.

He grew up in a normal family. His father works as an electrician, his mother as a beautician. A little sister pertains to the family as well. In school he attracted attention with his sport skills. To promote his talent and his self-confidence he started to train judo and karate but decided that taekwondo fits him best. The athletic young man was discovered by a model scout at a sport event. That scout got him a job as a photo-model for “L‘Oreal“.

After that, he turned away from sports and started a career as a model for advertising campaigns and worked as a performer for TV commercials. At this time he met a manufacturer named “Hermann Joha“ so he started his first steps into the industry of stunt.

He got small jobs as a stunt double and stunt performer in popular German TV series like “Lasko and Alarm für Cobra 11- die Autobahnpolizei“.

2010 Yannick and his best friend “Max Broner“ founded a stunt-team named “Team Secret“.

In 2011 he got an offer to perform a free running scene in NCIS: LA. With this 2-minute-scene he made his breakthrough in the industry of stunt.

This was followed by Stunt performances in additional well-known series such as; “Criminal Minds, the Transporter-the series, Two and a Half Men and person of Interest” to name just a few.

2013 he founded the model register “Secret Models”.

In 2014 “Team Secret“ and „Stuntteam2x“ merged to become the ultimate stunt team named “Stunt Elite“. He is an active and leading member up to today.


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